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Our regular Sunday morning service meets in the Waldorf School Auditorium.

We welcome our new board members and thank Sheri Owen and Paul Clough for their dedicated service. Both Sheri and Paul completed their three year terms as of our May 22nd annual membership meeting.

Our new members are Amelia Villada, Michael Hmieleski, and Bruce Bly, all long time students of the Unity philosophy. In accordance with our bylaws, we will determine board officers at the next board meeting. Information about our present trustees will be posted on our LEADERSHIP TEAM page soon.

"Sunday, May 29th - 10:30 am - Rev. Michele Saling
President of the 1st Spiritualist Church of Pittsburgh

"Spiritualism: Its Facets; Its Adherent;
Its Impact on Modern Life"

Rev. MichelleSpiritualism is a religion, a philosophy and a science – the practice of which demands adherents to bear witness to the continuity of life.

Nothing is more empowering than the knowledge that you and I are energy beings having a human experience – one of many. The Truth is our spirit bodies are connected to each other and draw from Spirit (God) as our power source every moment we breathe.

I hold that ‘sin’ is dishonoring ourselves with statements of “I can’t,” “I’m not able,” “It’s not in my control,” and/or “I have no power.” Live life, the life you authored. Do not let life live you.

More Information About Rev. Michele

"Sunday, June 12th- - Rev. Ric Schumacher
Ordained Unity Minister from Akron, Ohio

10:30am - Lesson
"Journey in the Holy Land From Cana to Mount Tabor"

12:30pm - Lecture/Workshop
"A Brief Look at the Archeology of the Holy Land""
Rev. Ric Rev. Ric created and produced this two hour afternoon event as a result of the archaeological work he did at Megiddo in Israel.

Within the PowerPoint presentation portions, he connects his personal photos of places in the Holy Land with the Unity metaphysical approach to spiritual growth. Ancient history comes alive with modern meaning.

Sunday, June 5th - 10:30 am - Rev. Patti Perhacs

"The Power of ONE"

Rev. Patti On a recent vacation in Spain we had the opportunity to tour several cities including Toledo, where the third oldest and one of the most oldest and beautiful cathedrals in all of Europe still stands. I learned a bit about the history of the people, religions and country.

Living in the U.S., we perhaps forget how old the world and humanity truly are. As I traveled Espaina, I observed the patterns and interconnectivity of humankind from all different walks of life and cultures and was moved to tears, with the experience of the Power of ONE, ONE in our continued struggles, our spiritual journey and in the ONE Divine Mind.

I hope you will join me as I share stories, realizations, and Spirit’s message to us all: Holy Toledo, we are the Power, we are One!

Denial: I do not act in ignorance or in fear

Affirmation: I AM one with all beings. I create a consciousness of love, peace and unity.

"There is neither Jew nor Aramean, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male or female; for you are all one in Jesus Christ."
----- Galathians, 3:28

"I am because you are and you are because I am."
----- Ubuntu

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Reiki Classes
Reiki I and II classes are being offered at the Unity Center of Pittsburgh.
Classes are taught by Unity member and trustee, Lynn Alms.

Reiki II class is this Saturday June 11th - DETAILS

Third Issue of Bodhi Tree Magazine! 2016
See Rev. Patti's featured article on page 4
"Self-Denial or Self-Realization?"
The fourth edition will be ready soon!

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