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Our regular Sunday service begins at 10:30 am and meets in the Waldorf School Auditorium.

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July Message from Rev. Patti:
Freedom of Choice and Unlimited Potential

Stronghold We live each moment with the freedom of choice and unlimited potential. Take a moment to sit in the silence with the power that is in this realization.

You have the freedom and opportunity to expand physical, mental and spiritual capabilities each and every moment, through the food of information you feed your mind and the stories you tell yourself as well as those things, people and activities you choose to occupy your time. They either add or retract from the expansion of your capabilities.

Each moment in our day, we are freely choosing our creation, whether it be positive or negative, love or anger, prosperity or poverty, war or peace.

When we live with the intention of living freely and abundantly as One with Divine Mind, we break through the walls we have erected of limitation and bondage.

Unity co-founder Charles Filmore defined a peacemaker as “one who has the ability to say “peace” to the turbulent waves of thought and have them obey…who reduces to peace and harmony all the thoughts of strife, anger, and retaliation in his own mind.” This definition is spot on, isn’t it? Because in the end, what do we truly have control of or hope to control, but ourselves? Our thoughts. Our way of seeing and being in this world. And isn’t there freedom in the empowerment in knowing this?

Universal Mind provides us with unlimited access to all that is. We are unlimited potential. We have the freedom of choice. Let’s use both wisely. Namaste!

Affirm the following: I turn away from limiting beliefs and choose freedom. I declare every negative thought patterns in my consciousness are being released. (You can add specifics) I am opening to the unlimited potential of IAM and all that is. I am all knowing. I am rich with the fullness of life. I open to wisdom, compassion, love, strength, divine power and prosperity. I am grateful. And so it is.

Sunday, July 24th: Vince Lisi
"Mozart and You"

Vince uses the movie version of the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to present three universal themes of life that are so relevant to us in contemporary times. Particularly poignant is the parallel between the perfection of Mozrt's music within him and the perfection of the God-Spirit within us - each just waiting to be expressed. The word "Amadeus" means "God's Love"; Vince invites us to be an expression of this love as is Mozart's music.
Next Sunday, July 31st: Diego Villada


Coming August 14th - Irina Grundler:
Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healing Practitioner
10:30 AM - "Discovering Your Life's Purpose"

Irina"With the goal of awakening and personal life improvement, I was lead to study the Wisdom of the Akashic Records, which in the Bible, is referred to as the Book of Life, an etheric book of records of each soul’s journey. This powerful tool provides information to assist us in our personal awakening and understanding our soul’s purpose in this lifetime to live in expression of our own divine nature."
--- Irina Grundler

Join Irina Gundler, as she shares her personal story of awakening, which began 25 years ago as a young women living in post-communist Russia, where she began her spiritual journey and came to learn her unique purpose and expression of the Divine.

12:30 - 2:15 PM Workshop:
"Using the Akashic Records as a Tool for Enlightenment"

Each soul is a unique expression of the divine, with its own talents and gifts to share through the human experience. By learning about our soul’s past through the Akashic Records, we learn more about our human and spiritual potential, uncovering and removing blocks of limitation, and living life to its fullest.  Irina will provide a demonstration of reading the records to share information with workshop attendees. A love donation will be collected at the end of the workshop.

At this workshop you’ll learn about:

  • The Akashic Records – an energetic “database” stored in the astral plane, contains vibrational records of every soul and its journey, it’s going back to the moment of its origination from Divine Source.
  • Secrets of your Soul’s origination and how it affects you every day and how and why you created blocks and limitations which hold you back.
  • Vibrational Re-Tuning – realigning with the original vibrational frequencies of your Soul by removing energetic blocks and choosing what brings you joy, peace and fulfilment.

Reiki Classes
Reiki I and II classes are being offered at the Unity Center of Pittsburgh.
Classes are taught by Unity member and trustee, Lynn Alms. INFO HERE

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