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Sunday Celebration Schedule
We provide practical teachings to help people live healthy, prosperous, and meaningful lives

We meet in the Waldorf School Auditorium, 201 South Winebiddle Street, 15224      unityofpittsburgh@gmail.com
OUR SUNDAY SCHEDULE of Nourishment for the Soul
  Smitty Sunday, March 1st- 10:30am: Lester "Smitty" Smith
"God's Journeyman/Caulbearer"

12:30pm: Workshop and Book Signing
"Recognizing and Hearing Spirit"
  Maryann Sunday, March 8th- 10:30am: Maryann Hackworth
"Surrender to Healing!"

Sunday, March 15th- 10:30am: Rev. Patty Perhacs

"Healing Service"

  Vince Sunday, March 22nd- 10:30am: Vince Lisi

12:30pm: Study Group Auditorium with Vince
          Emergence, the Shift From Ego to Essence
           by Barbara Marx Hubbard
  Dorothy Sunday, March 29th- 10:30am: Dorothy Washington    
    Sunday, April 5th- 10:30am:    
    Sunday, April 12th- 10:30am:    
    Sunday, April 19th- 10:30am: Joint Service with
Pittsburgh Center for Spiritual Living
    Sunday, April 26th- 10:30am:    

Sunday, May 3rd- 10:30am:

This is Marathon Sunday
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Upcoming Events in Our Area
Dances of Universal Peace
Waldorf Auditorium March 7th 6 - 8pm


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