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Sunday Presenters' Schedule

We meet in the Waldorf School Auditorium      Click HERE for directions     unityofpittsburgh@gmail.com
OUR SUNDAY SCHEDULE of Nourishment for the Soul
Rev. Culliver Sunday, August 16th - 10:30am: Guest Speaker and Facilitator
Rev S. Culiiver Brookman, Unity Minister

12:30 - 2:30pm: Workshop - "The Path of Seamless Growth"

Sunday, August 23rd - 10:30am: Vince Lisi

12:30pm: Discussion - Barbara Marx Hubbard
Emergence: the Shift From Ego to Essence
Diego Sunday, August 31st - 10:30am: Diego Villada


Sunday, September 6th - 10:30am: Maryann Hackworth

Patty Sunday, September 13th - 10:30am: Rev. Patty Perhacs

Rev. Culliver

Sunday, September 20th - 10:30am: Rev S. Culliver Brookman

Vince Sunday, September 27th - 10:30am: Vince Lisi

12:30pm: Discussion - Barbara Marx Hubbard
Emergence: the Shift From Ego to Essence

Next Sunday, August 16th - 10:30am
Guest Speaker and Facilitator
10:30 am Presenter: Rev S. Culiiver Brookman, Unity Minister


"Why Wait for Heaven?"

Rev CulliverWhen our reality shifted from heaven as the place where God is (somewhere in the sky between ll:00 and l:00 o'clock in infinity) to the reality that God is everywhere present as well as within all life ~ within us, (transcendent and immanent), then heaven became a state of consciousness that can be experienced here and now....

When Jesus said the Kingdom of God is within us and the Kingdom of Heaven is near at hand....

When we began to learn of the common Near Death Experiences in "heaven" and of the passion to share the experience (letting people know what it's like) and we increased our knowledge and understand of what is possible....

Then we began to practice the possibilities of living in a "heavenly" state of consciousness right here and now.

Today we will consider four easily attainable aspects of living in the Kingdom of Heaven as our foundation of a new way of living and being.

12:30 pm: "The Path of Seamless Growth"
- a Hands-On Workshop

To care for the Individual....

To connect with and empower the Administrative Teams....

To expand and deepen the spiritual life of the Spiritual Community....
To move the ministry into 21st Century spirituality and create an environment for church growth is easily accomplished through organizing and implementing a Team - Based Small - Group ministry. The Path of Seamless Growth will provide "The Know-how" for members willing to create a plan and "put feet under the plan". Nothing can stop a Divine Idea whose time has come!  

Other Upcoming Events in Our Area
Dances of Universal Peace - Saturday
Waldorf Auditorium - Saturday, August 16th, 6 - 8pm


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