Unity Center of Pittsburgh
Unity teaches that the Spirit of God lived in Jesus,
just as it lives in every person.
Each of us has the potential to express the perfection
of Christ as Jesus did, by being more Christ-like in everyday life.
Founded in 1930                                       Member of Unity Worldwide Ministries since 1966                                         Incorporated in 1947

Join us this Sunday morning in the Waldorf School Auditorium
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We provide positive church experiences.
We are inclusive of all people and recognize the good in all faiths.
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Special Event in July!

Pittsburgh Center for Spiritual Living
& Unity Center of Pittsburgh Present:

Sunday, EddieJuly 12th, 1 pm

East End Cooperative Ministry

In the Great Room

A Message From Rev. Patty

Rev. PattyFreedom of choice is core to our being in both our spiritual and physical life expression, which ideally are intertwined and one in the same. Our founding fathers created the constitution of the U.S. , “in order to form a more perfect Union”, to ensure justice, domestic tranquility, and to provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and to secure blessings of liberty.

Our message theme in July will be centered on our gift of freedom to express our Divine nature in our unfolding perfection of our own Christ Consciousness.

Join us on July 5, when Iris Kurka explores and shares with us on the subject in her presentation entitled, “The Power of Blessing.” On July 19th, I will speak on "A More Perfect Union" as we consider our consititution of Unity new thought and Divine Mind.

On July 12th, we unify in love with our friends at the Pittsburgh Center for Spiritual Living, for a combined service at 10:30 a.m. (at the Eastern Cooperative Ministries located near Target in East Liberty) entitled, “There is Only Love” . Join Rev. Nancy and myself and special guest touring artists Eddie Watkins Jr., who will be performing at service and afterwards at a special concert following fellowship (and snacks) at 1p.m. Tickets available in advance on our Unity website for $20 adults, $10 for students , children, and teens. Please plan to join us and bring your friends and family for an afternoon of entertainment.

Blessings and peace,

Reverend Patty Perhacs, Spiritual Director

If you plan on attending for the first time, please click HERE, before you embark, for very clear instructions on how to get to the parking lot
and how to enter the Waldorf auditorium.


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June 28th - Vince Lisi Sunday
10:30 am: "Joyful Love, Part IV - You"

Vince In his fourth and culminating teaching on "Joyful Love," Vince focuses on "You" as the bearer, recipient, and extender of Joyful Love. Beginning with the statement "when I am most loving and kind to myself, I am most loving and kind to others." Vince presents a beautiful view of who we are and how to live in the world. He concludes with the clear idea that our religion is "Joyful Love" - the very impetus of Life Itself!

12:30 pm: Study Group
Emergence Cover
Book Discussion: Barbara Marx-Hubbard

Emergence: From Ego to Essence


Next Sunday - July 5th: Iris Kurka
10:30 am: "The Power of Blessing"

Sunday - July 12th
10:30 am: Joint Service with
Pittsburgh Center for Spiritual Living

in the Great Room of the East End Cooperative Ministry

EddieRev. Nancy and Rev. Patty will conduct the service.

Special guest musician, songwriter and recording artist Eddie Watkins Jr will present the lesson and provide the Music.

1:00 pm: Eddie Watkins Jr Concert

Happens n the Great Room of the East End Cooperative Ministry. Discounted ickets ($20) can be purchased online on our website through July 11th or after our Sunday service on June 28th and July 5th. Registration price the day of the concert is $25.00.

Advanced Tickets and More Information


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